Friday, July 25, 2008


Do you remember those times where you were doing something you weren't suppose to do, but did them anyway knowing you would get in trouble! Yea, we've all been there and some of us still carry it over into our adults lives. The only difference is that we can't always put on our pouty face and get out of a court order, lol!

Children are awesome to photograph, their face is a depth that you can't capture in adults . . . you can still see that they have a life ahead of them full of potential!

When do we begin to change and allow society start to tell us that we can't do things or we can't achieve things. One of my goals is to do those things that my heart desires regardless of what "people" say I can and can't do!

Take a day or two and just reminisce on your childhood; the times you got in trouble, the birthday parties, Pre-K naps, etc. . . your life and what you do is still endless with possibilities!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Black in America

CNN News station is having a two day special called "Black in America" and it examines what it means to be Black in America today and what the day to day life includes! It is always great to see mainstream news media to take on projects like this. My main hope is that people of all races watch and take something away from the program and use it in their lives. We have so much information available to us today, people just have to be willing to listen and apply it!

As I grow older I am starting to see life and what my role in it is. Seeing my peers grow up and get married or have children just lets me know that it is our turn and we have to make most of it!

I just did a photo shoot with the family of a friend that I meet back in 2003 when I started Louisiana Tech University. It amazes me to see that he's married and has a son and their interaction with each other shows how great humanity can be!